Commercial Rekeying

Commercial Re-key

KLT Locksmith Re-key and Master Key

Re-keying a lock means to change the mechanism inside the lock so that a new key works in the lock. There are many reasons to re-key locks in your business. If you are a property owner and have new tenants coming in and need to change the keys, you should re-key the locks. If you have a new employee for an individual office, you should re-key the lock. If you need a master key system in your business, we can help. Any reason you need to re-key your business or commercial property, call KLT Locksmith Southlake!

Call the professionals!

A business re-key or master key system should always be done by a professional, commercial locksmith. KLT Locksmith is a licensed locksmith company serving Southlake, TX and the surrounding areas. Our technicians have years of experience with lock re-key and master key, and are equipped with all the tools to re-key your lock as efficiently as possible. Always call a professional because doing it yourself or having an unlicensed locksmith may result in damage to the lock and end up costing you even more.

Quality Service and Affordable Prices

We promise the best service in the metroplex. When you need to re-key your business call KLT Locksmith today! We will be happy to set an appointment or send a technician to your business right away. As a professional company, we guarantee only the best service. You will receive quality service at an affordable price. To re-key a lock can take about 10-20 minutes depending on the type of lock. The amount of time to re-key your business will depend on how many locks need to be re-keyed and the type of locks in the business. When a technician gets to your property, he/she will assess what needs to be done and let you know an accurate time and the price before beginning the job. With KLT Locksmith Southlake, there are never any hidden fees!

Master Key

A master key is a great system for a business. It works by having accessible keys at different levels. What that means is the locks can be re-keyed so that the same key can work at all levels, then different keys work for different levels. For example, in an business you may want keys for different departments but you want the manager to have access to all departments. In this case, the manager would have a key that opened all the locks, but individual departments only have access to their locks. You can create as many levels as needed and we will help create a system that will work best for your business.